Since a website needs both hosting space and a domain name, it is essential to be able to effortlessly manage not only the former, but also the latter. Even if the hosting service is dependable and fast, registering a brand new domain and linking it to a given site may be a burden and may involve lots of time and energy. Indeed, that’s the case with the vast majority of hosting platforms out there – you’ll have no less than two accounts, one billing account and one hosting account, and registering a domain name and getting it online will involve signing in and out of the two accounts. It’d be way more convenient if you could perform all these things from a single place and concentrate on your website, not on various system tasks.
Feature-rich Domain Manager in Shared Website Hosting
If you order a shared website hosting plan from our company, you’ll receive access to a fully featured Domain Manager, which is integrated into our all-inclusive Hepsia Control Panel. You’ll be able to register a brand-new domain name and then to host it or park it, to enable Whois Privacy Protection or to change its WHOIS information with just a few mouse clicks. Using fast-access buttons, you will also be able to set up a sub-domain, an e-mail account or a database, to check visitor statistics, to access the website files or to request a brand new SSL. All features are conveniently grouped and are accessible in one place, which will spare you a lot of time, so you’ll never have to log out of the Domain Manager. You won’t experience any problems, since we have added educational articles and tutorial videos to show the maximum capacity of our domain management tool.