A web accelerator is a software application which accelerates a site usually by caching content and delivering it instead of the server. Such programs could be used for both dynamic and static sites since there are different accelerators that can cache both static content and database calls and responses. The best thing about using a web accelerator is that a given site will perform noticeably faster without employing extra resources. Just the opposite, such a site will require a lesser amount of resources to work since the web accelerator will tackle most requests instead of the hosting server. Contrary to many businesses that don't offer web accelerators with their plans or offer only one, we offer 3 different ones which will permit you to speed up your websites irrespective of their type or content.
Web Accelerators in Shared Website Hosting
Our shared website hosting solutions feature 3 web accelerators that you could use depending on the sites which you would like to run. Memcached is employed to cache database or API calls and responses, which can greatly boost the efficiency of dynamic Internet sites. Varnish is a popular HTTP accelerator which caches web pages and delivers them to the visitors way quicker than the server after the first time they open them. Node.js is an event-driven platform used for scalable real-time applications for example booking websites. Depending upon the web hosting plan you choose, these 3 programs may already be included or could be optional upgrades. Regardless, you'll be able to select how many instances of each of them will be at your disposal and how much memory they ought to employ. These accelerators are provided only by a handful of web hosting providers, including ours, and they can easily increase the speed of your web programs drastically.